We talk with Alina Zamanova, illustrator and artist.




-What makes a perfect illustration and why?

I think there is no perfect definition of your work. Whatever makes you feel pleased with the final artwork will showcase your talent to the audience. You have to stay true to your style even if’s not perfect.

-Other illustrators around now that you really admire.

I admire Unskilledworker (@unskilledworker) and GiLL BUTTON (@buttonfruit) talent.

-Why did you decide to launch your own fashion label + accessories line last year?

It’s a perfect way to share my art when I get bored of clean canvas or paper.

-What kind of girl do you envision wearing your brand and why?

A person who crazy about ugliness who likes to express herself in a weird way.

-What are your main sources of inspiration?

My main sources of inspiration are in my head and weird faces around me. Also I’m truly inspired by all the creative people that I met so far.

-Highlight of your career as an illustrator thus far? Why, what happened?

My work experience in Alexander McQueen Fashion House and SHOWstudio curated by Nick Knight. Because of their support I grew professionally daily.


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-You designed prints for Alexander McQueen, what was your highlight when you worked there?

I was an intern there and I’m glad that I met such talented professionals that became my best friends. They taught me everything from start how to make a print and be a textile designer.

-How was the experience of working with Kylie Jenner? How did it come about?
I worked with Sasha Samsonova who proposed to work with her on this project. It was a great experience.

-You seem to base a lot of your work in the “ugly”, but what is “ugly” for you?
Ugly is a reality.

-Fashion designers we should keep an eye open for and why?

Charles Jeffrey, Claire Barrow, Masha Reva. We have similar ideology and I admire their work.

-England or Ukraine? Why?
England. Because I was born there as an artist.

-What´s next in your career?
Developing my style and trying new art techniques.
Interview: Walter Adrián.


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