When you think of Maurits Cornelis Escher and his work, fashion is probably not the first thing that pops into your head. It’s been featured on postage stamps, jigsaw puzzles, book covers. However, their appearance in clothes kind of makes perfect sense.

Escher, a dutch artist who died over four decades ago is known for his extensive mathematical graphic work which up until today is still valued hugely for its influence in both art and maths, but never entirely in fashion, that is until now. Optical Illusions, tessellations, and geometrical precision being a few of his top characteristics, we think it’s about time.

Escher’s debut in urban fashion comes from an upcoming SS17 collaboration with pioneer streetwear label Supreme. This would be the fourth collab the brand has launched this year alone after the success of Louis Vouitton, North Face, and Comme de Garçons. Despite it being the first proper time we will see his designs literally ON clothes, he’s been a massive source of inspiration for fashion designers for years. Alexander McQueen amongst others citing him as a constant guide when creating their own patterns.

The garments will be available to buy on different SUPREME stores around the world: London, New York, and Tokyo, and will feature classic garment designs like hoodies, shorts, trench coats and caps. If you’d still rather catch Escher’s work displayed in a museum instead of Supreme kids around the streets, there’s currently an exhibition on in el Palacio Gaviria in Madrid till the 25th of June.


Text: Walter Adrián.


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